How to Become a Family Lawyer

If you are looking to help others navigate the tricky waters of divorce and family law, you may be interested in becoming a family lawyer in Miami. You can start by pursuing your degree in family law and gaining experience through clerkships or internships while still in law school. After you graduate, you can work for a law firm or go out on your own to open your own practice.

Child Custody: How It Works

One of the most important family law matters involves determining where a child should live with each parent. The courts consider a variety of factors, including the children’s best interests and how much contact they want with each parent. Sometimes, the parents can come to an agreement on custody arrangements before a court case is filed. In other cases, the parents will need to file a lawsuit in order to gain custody of their children.

The court will typically award joint custody to both parents, if it is in the child’s best interests to do so. This type of custody arrangement allows both parents to have frequent contact with their children, and is often the most favorable option.

However, it can be difficult for children to adapt to such arrangements. The stress of being shuttled between their parents can cause them to experience behavioral problems. It also makes them less stable, as they may not know where they will be living or what school they will attend.

Other factors that courts will take into consideration in making a child custody decision include the child’s wishes and the parents’ health conditions. These factors are considered in accordance with a theory called “best interest of the child.”

Visitation: How It Works

If a parent is seeking to gain visitation rights with their child, they can file a petition in Family Court for an order of visitation. The court will consider the child’s best interests and the parent’s physical and emotional health in deciding who should be allowed to see the child.

Many courts also consider other factors, such as the children’s relationship with each parent and how well those relationships have worked. They will also consider whether it is in the best interest of the child to be raised by both parents, even if the parents have a strong dislike for each other.

Support: How It Works

The child support amount that a parent is required to pay is determined by the judge based on each parent’s income and the time the children spend with each parent. If one of the parents is unable to pay their support, they can seek a modification from the court. The family lawyer can gather evidence to prove that a change in circumstances has occurred, and review the court’s calculation to ensure it is accurate.

The law governing family matters is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with changes in the laws. You can do this by reading professional publications, attending conferences, and joining professional organizations.

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